Waleed Ibrahim

Waleed Ibrahim was born in 1990 B.C. in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia in Mecca City and from his birth he moved with his grandfather to United States Of America in New York,Yonkers City and he born with a dream which is becoming as a singer he started as a dreamer with a talented soul and he used to sing everytime with his friends and with his grandfather and in the school and he wanted to represent his traditional to the world as half American and half Saudi Arabian and he decided to back to Saudi Arabia to learn the Arabic language in writing and reading . As well he decided to create a band for him, to continue in his talent as a singer and as a dreamer and as a talented, and he wanted to publish his music and his songs to the whole world and he wanted to be a producer to his songs and his music because he wanted to depended on himself and he said that what he must do as a singer and what the real singer must it's to depend on his self by publish his music by him self . And Waleed Ibrahim started writing his songs and using the good devices like the D.J. and all the kinds of the devices, and Waleed Ibrahim said '' That what I feel in my heart that I belong to the life of the music and what i want it it's to send my message to the world that there is a real love and there is a peace in this world and what i feel it in my heart as well that I belong to the Hip-Hope music and the RnB and Pop music because it was my dream to become a singer and I always sing from my heart and with my mind and with a real feelings and that's what the singer must do. '' Waleed Ibrahim he used to listen to Michael Jackson and the famous singers as well he used to listen to the famous singers in the Middle East like Umm Kulthum and Abed Al-Halim Hafez and Fairuz . And he wanted to be like them and he wanted to one of them and wanted to be a name and a face that never forgot as a singer . (( If you want to make your dream come true; Follow your heart and be patient and make sure that you are honest with yourself and your people . And your dream will come true it just that easy .)) WAleed Ibrahim Warning : * This Is The Official Waleed Ibrahim's Facebook Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/WaleedFans *This Is the Offical Waleed Ibrahim's profile page : www.facebook.com/Waleed.Ibrahim01 www.facebook.com/Waleed.Ibrahim02 www.facebook.com/Waleed.Ibrahim03 *Follow Me On These Site's : Follow me on Mocospace.com : https://www.mocospace.com/waleed.ibrahim Follow me on Twitter.com : https://www.twitter.com/WaleedFans Follow me on Myspace.com : https://www.myspace.com/waleedibrahim1 Follow me on Typepad.com : https://www.waleedibrahim.typepad.com Follow me on Youtube.com : https://www.youtube.com/user/WaleedChannel1 Follow me on Tumblr.com : www.waleedibrahimonline.tumblr.com